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Post by Angerpull on Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:42 am

These are the official rules on the server, follow them please.

1. No Spawn Killing.

2. No interspecies packs/groups (Shantus being with raptors or T-Rexes, or T-Rexes being allied with Carnos and so on).

3. T-Rex packs can have maximum 3 members. Other rexes are not allowed to enter a pack with 3 members already. Carnos maximum pack members is 4. Raptors and Shantus have no limitation.

4. Herbivores shall not chase carnivores. A charge is alright to fend them off, but a chase until you kill them is not allowed. Killing a carnivore as a herbivore is only allowed when you absolutely have to in self defense.

5. Being a 'Carebear' is not allowed. (Being a 'Carebear' is the act of being friendly with everyone in a cringy matter such as hosting parties and being a friend to all who passes you, even carnivores if you're a herbivore and vice versa).

6. Protecting a dead corpse is allowed to some extent. But using a corpse to kill a carnivore is not allowed, you'll have to leave the corpse behind eventually.

7. Behave in chat, no douchebaggery in chat towards other players, or swear excessively.

8. Follow the NLR (New Life Rule) when you die. This means that when you die, you have a new life. No revenge on the one who killed you, but you are allowed to form back up with your previous pack/group.

9. As a carnivore, please eat until your 'food meter' is gone, do not excessively eat the corpse until it disappears. Eat until you're full and move on.

10. No mass groupings! This means that you are not allowed to tell your coordinates and gather a large group in one location. Let people roam around as they please.

11. As a carnivore, only hunt when you have to. No mass murder or murderous rampages. If you track a group of prey, kill one of them and any others who try to defend themselves (if you can). Let the others go, and enjoy your meal.

12. Do not use the chat to interact with another dinosaur you met. Warn them with roars and feint charges and not "who is that rex infront of me" and so on. If you'd like to accept them into your group, you can 'duck' or move in a circle.

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